Argyle Accent kit showcase - Facebook live demo!

Argyle Accent kit showcase - Facebook live demo!

In this video (TLDR)
1. Argyle Accent kit showcase
2. Showing off my TattooPro fake tattoos ⚡️😂⚡️
3. Link to youtube video:

Let's open up the Argyle and accents stencil kit, to see what you will receive in the mail! If you already own this kit, grab your stencils & paint along as we both practice transferring patterns on paper.

Watch the video to the end for an X-MAS stocking cheek art demo where I first create a blustering blowy snowy wind background using the accents stencil. And then I will show you how to bust out a Christmas stocking on top of the background. This entire design uses only the Argyle & Accents stencil kit! Share your designs with me I would love to see what you create :)!!!



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