Candy Cane Unicorn Face Painting with GraffitiEyes Stencils

Candy Cane Unicorn GraffitiEyes stencilsCandy Cane Unicorn face painting tutorial ~ by request!

Announcements on my upcoming 2018 GraffitiEyes on the Road teaching tour in Canada and USA! Watch me paint my famous unicorn mask!

In this video tutorial watch me paint this fun unicorn design on my Sally-Ann Lynch practice board.  

I have been painting this super fun unicorn / pony design for years and it is always one of the first designs i always offer kids! 

Candy Cane unicorn GraffitiEyes stencil tutorial on Youtube



Check out the original pony mask i painted on FABAtv:
Products Used: FAB red FAB Yellow Fab Green Wolfe White Wolfe Black

GraffitiEyes Winter Crown Stencil:

GraffitiEyes Graffiti Madness Stencil:

GraffitiEyes ButterflEyes Stencil:

Pixie Paint gel glitter

Yellow Glitter

#4 round brush

#1 round liner brush


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