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Face Painting Tips From a Pro - Global News Video

I had fun in the Calgary Global TV studio Halloween Morning!  I was invited to come and do a fun face painting information presentation super early in the morning as some last minute inspiration for the city!  Below is a short video that shows a time lapse of an adult sugar skull face painting using the Graffiti Madness Stencil Kit halftone stencil.  Check out this little interview and meet me, Léa Selley, the Halloween Face Painter!

I am grateful for my friends, fans, and clients - all the supporters of my artwork!  Without my models there is no art!  I am forever grateful for every time I get to paint your face!  Thank you :)

Enjoy this interview I was very excited to be able to be in a big city news studio for the first time!  They had a GIANT green screen, and it was halloween so the weatherman was dressed like He-Man... I walked into the Studio and was like WHOA!  Too Early in the morning for that many muscles!  lol!  I was not ready for that!  haha!  so funny, i had so much fun :) Thank you to my friend Sophia and her awesome kids for sharing in this great day!







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