Smelly Cats!  Facebook Live Art Therapy Demo!

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Smelly Cats! Facebook Live Art Therapy Demo!

Wednesday Sept 28, 2016 
FaceBook Live:

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What you will learn in this face painting class:

How to use the double layer flower stencil
Two different Cat designs using the Emoji stencils
Two different story telling characters that use olfactory imagination
How easy it is to make story telling part of your face painting process
Techniques using sponges daubers with water activated face paint makeup and colored pressed powder with GraffitiEyes Stencils.

The Flower stencil is a double layer stencil that you are going to love to start incorporating into your designs.  This stencil is great for making a quick flower garden, or soft backgrounds.  Watch how easy it is to put together a stenciled Emoji cat character holding out a big beautiful bouquet of flowers.  stick around for the second part of the painting and see this cats cute little friend pounce on his own flower bed  and leave a little mess behind inthe lawn!  lol!  leave your comments below - i would love to hear your feedback :)  Wednesdays i am always going to have the share to win Facebook Live videos - so come and like me on Facebook at: Léa Selley 


Flowers and Candy
Emoji Mash-Up
Happy Hippie

#2 round Maayke Superstar


Elisa Griffith

I am looking forward to seeing your designs!


FAQs from the chat:

Wyndy 32:40 Do you always powder after laying paint?
Léa: not always - i was just doing it to be extra safe for the camera. sometimes i use glitter - i usually use it to speed up the process so i never have to wait to lay down my stencil again so i can continue layering and not have to literally watch the paint dry! 



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