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Ultimate Graffiti Eyes Stencil Kit

The Ultimate in exploding makeup designs!

After months of research and development, I have put together an ultimate set of graffiti element stencils AND a set of step by step designs making ultimate graffiti eyes an achievable art form for any level of face painter or makeup artist.

The Ultimate Graffiti Eyes Stencil Kit!

Ultimate GraffitiEyes face painting stencils Lea Selley airbrush

– over 12 graffiti elements on 3 stencils
– Hundreds of exploding combos
– Minimal face painting skill required
– Easy to learn
– Fun to use
– Looks great on all ages
– Fast to create
– Easy to inspire!
The Ultimate Graffiti Eye Stencil kit contains over 12 classic graffiti elements that will add incredible action, depth and edge to glamorous eye designs.

The makeup combinations are limitless from cute punk designs to retro gamer, to soft and blushing.

These designs are fast, fun and flexible and are best suited for use with theatrical face painting makeup, or with an airbrush.  With over 12 unique graffiti elements you can mix and match thousands of different graffiti eye combinations, creating all kinds of different looks.

This Youtube video tutorial show off some great shots of the product in action!
Thank you for supporting my artwork!




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