Unicorn ButterflEye Video tutorial!

Unicorn ButterflEye Video tutorial!

Create consistent face painting designs using stencils!  This is great when you are working as a team, that way everyone at the party will have consistent quality of artwork. 

The stencils i used in this tutorial is the unicorn stencil from the PETS! stencil kit and a butterfly wing stencil from the ButterlEYES stencil kit.  This design can also be easily turned into a one eye design and really fits the symmetry with the fact that the unicorn is actually sideways facing!  

Join my facebook group if you like watching live videos as i answer questions to the videos there as well as thousands of artists from around the world share their artwork created using the GraffitiEyes line of stencils.

I am looking forward to seeing your designs!!

Check out the video!


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