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The Ultimate Guide to GraffitiEyes is exactly that: the perfect introduction to face painting using the Graffiti Stencil method developed by Léa Selley.  This 40 page photo rich book contains 11 step-by-step makeup designs, links to 6 youtube video links, and a collection of beautiful fast & fun face painting designs. 

The Ultimate Guide to GraffitiEyes is the perfect addition to your face painting library as a valuable educational tool filled with tips for achieving perfect stencil transfers.  This book is filled with photos which also makes it a great to pull out as birthday parties when your client is looking for fresh design ideas! 

Stencils from the GraffitiEyes Stencil Collection featured in this book:
Ultimate GraffitiEyes
ButterflEyes Stencil Kit
Argyle & Accents Booster Pak 
Flowers & Candy Booster Pak 
Arrows & Action Booster Pak 
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