Turlock California - Fri Sept 7, 2018 - Airbrush TattooPro Stencil Class for Beginners!

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Join Léa for this workshop on how to use the Tattoo Pro™ - Freehand Airbrush Tattoo Stencil System to create both realistic black tattoos for adults AND colourful tattoos that children will love!
This class is perfect for you if:

  • If you are new to airbrush tattoos and want to start offering this service.
  • You are already doing airbrush tattoos and want to take your artwork to the next level

  • You are you a makeup artist who wants to offer dramatic makeover looks!

During this class, Léa will demonstrate and get you creating artwork with the Tattoo Pro™ stencil system even with only basic airbrush knowledge. You will be able to create detailed elaborate designs of any size to fit any body part in MINUTES!

You will be amazed at how easy it is to piece together the design elements to create entire tattoo sleeves that will have your models asking if you also do “real tattoos” !!!

Techniques demonstrated in class include the most popular designs in black ink for adults as well as colourful designs that children love! 


Everyone who submits their deposit for class will have access to a 2 hour video class created and starring the creator of the Airbrush TattooPro stencils Wiser Oner himself!  This video will go over ALL the airbrush basics and is a REQUIREMENT to view before class!  This will help class move quickly so that we do not have to go over airbrush basics and can jump STRAIGHT into the artwork! 
Simple provide your gmail or your email associated with your YouTube account and you will be added to the list to be able to view this class for FREE!

Bring your airbrush, stencils and liquid airbrush makeup and paper to practice on
Stencils and makeup will be available for purchase!
Date: Friday Sept 7, 2018
Location: Turlock California, USA
Time: 3 - 9pm
After Party Jam - welcome to stay after class and paint for fun!

Local Contact & class address location information: Andrea Nicole Moje - Owner Creative Faces for Kids - 408-717-0633 - email: ​facepainter.ar@gmail.com

You can also save your seat by sending a non refundable $50 deposit via paypal to:
leaselley @ icloud . com