Wonder Lake Illinois - Thurs Feb 22, 2018 - Beginners Face Painting

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$25 deposit guarantees you a seat in class! 
Please make complete 10 days prior to class (Feb 12th)
Date: Thurs, February 22,  11:00-4:00pm  $75
4712 East Lake Shore Drive,
Wonder Lake, IL, 60097
(little row of parking spots on the opposite side of the street) 
*Lunch and snacks will be provided!

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Join the Facebook group for current conversations on classes in the Chicago areaTechniques to Achieve PERFECT Face Paintings

Join Léa Selley for a day of face painting! Léa will share essential knowledge you need to know to achieve confidence with your essential face painting techniques and designs.  Butterfly, spiderman, batman, tiger are designs that everyone asks for and there are SUPER tricks to to paint them FAST and with impact! 

In class you will learn some essential brush strokes and how to get a rhythm with your linework.  How to effectively sponge and blend a beautiful base coat.

In class i will introduce you to face painting stencils, and you can try some out for yourselves to see if you like using stencils as a art tool!.

Demonstrations using different types of face painting products such as water activated paint versus pressed powders, and how to use them so that you can use to get ideal transfers no matter how much experience you have. As an added bonus you will learn how to  create the Ultimate Graffiti Eye design!!

Hands on Practice! 
In the second part of class you will have the opportunity to face paint and gets hands on practice!  Leave this class with the confidence that when your model looks into the mirror at the final result they will be smiling from era to ear!   In this class I will focus on using water activated makeup.
Stencils and makeup supplies will be available for purchase!

Date: Thurs, February 22,  11:00-4:00pm  $75
Location: Wonder Lake, Illinois
*Lunch and snacks will be provided!

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Léa is featuring her three new stencil kits on her teaching tour: PETS!, Winter Crowns and JellyFishing. Also available will be her 10 original stencil kits including her best selling Ultimate GraffitiEyes and Graffiti Madness stencil kits!